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What we do

Our brands
- for customers -

Bioextra Co. Ltd. has a portfolio of different brands, covering all aspects of general nutrition. Our brands are sold internationally.

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Private label
- for chains -

We are a well established producer of Private Label products within the vitamin & food supplements market. EU Accredited.

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Contract manufacturing
- for companies -

With our factory facilities, machine capability,quality control systems and quality standards, management and professional experience, we can offer a complete solution to our clients.

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Our Expertise

Coated/uncoated tablets

We produce tablets in all shapes and sizes with a variety of coatings.


We make high quality hardgel capsule filling.
We can provide a packaging service for soft gel capsules.


Powders and liquids

We offer blending and filling of a variety of powders and liquids, including ready-made formulas.

Contract packing solutions

We offer contract manufacturing and packing services alongside formulation services, trial batch production, and regulatory advice.

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